22 simple Ideas for self care when life gets tough



When life gets tough, looking after yourself may seem difficult. It’s important to replenish yourself when you’re running low on energy or stressed out. You may have a self-care routine in place, or you may not. Even if you do it’s good to shake things up. So if you need extra ideas to throw into your self-care routine or you’re just beginning to create one, here are 64 ideas.

  1. Spend time with a parent or a mentor – someone who ideally makes you feel protected and inspired 

Spending time with others is good for the soul. Yes even if you are an introvert, spending time with others is good! Find someone you trust and just have a moment with them. Throw in an activity like baking or jogging for example.

2. Practice mindful exercises such as deep breathing 

Deep breathing is a simple way to relax. Since we’re often on auto-pilot, we at times forget to breathe. Over the years, I’ve noticed that I hold my breath. I’m doing it right now… 1, 2, 3 breath.

3. Listen to a musical piece that lifts up your mood 

I love listening to funk, soul, jazz and blues music when I’m in a need of a cheer-up. Classical music is often on my go-to list too.

4. Think of three positives associated with your hardships 

This may seem hard, however linking three positives to your hardships may boost your mood. There’s a positive in every negative situation. You just have to look hard enough.

5. Take a hot shower and then change into some clean, fresh clothes 

The bathroom is where I often get great ideas for poems or blog posts. Especially after a long day, taking a shower can be a nice way to de-stress.

6. Do some creative writing – imagine a scenario and lose yourself in it 

Creative writing is a good source of escapism. We all need a moment to detach from the world at times, and creative writing does just that. Your story doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs a fun and exciting plot. You could even write about yourself from different perspectives and reflect upon it.

7. Go to bed early and get the amount of sleep YOU need 

I struggle to sleep at night. Depending on who you are, the amount of sleep you need will be different compared to Bob across the street. If you struggle to fall asleep, I recommend downloading ‘Rain Rain’ from the app store. It’s an app that has different rain and machinery/white noise sounds. It’s also great to meditate to in the day too.

8. Consider seeing a therapist 

I do have a therapist, and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I enjoy going to therapy and discovering things about myself. I don’t always come out of therapy happy, and at times I do. It’s important to have space where you can offload your stresses and reflect.

Seeing a therapist can be pricey, you can find therapists who are affordable, however, so keep positive.

9. Keep a positive motto nearby 

“Peace and harmony, govern my mind at all times” – this is a quote I learned from reading ‘The Power of your Subconscious mind” by Dr. Joseph Murphy. 

“This too shall pass” is another great motto when in dire situations. Nothing lasts forever, even happiness is a fleeting state. This has helped me to feel negative emotions when they arise, process and then move forward.

10. Write ten things that you’re grateful for 

I have kept a Gratitude Journal since July 2014, I have kept it going ever since. Of course, I have had weeks and months where I didn’t write anything. I try to keep this practice going. I started my gratitude journal as a result of double booking myself. I had two jobs at the time, I went to the job where I work with kids. I never told my other job (at a restaurant) that I also worked at that I couldn’t come in.

I was scared, so in notes on my iPhone, I thanked the manager for being understanding.  I believed and received, and continued on with my day. The next day, I apologised for being absent, and the manager said ‘that’s ok’, smiled and continued working.

And that my friends, is how my manifestation journey started…

11. Sketch something or doodle 

Sketching or doodling is another way of releasing suppressed or repressed thoughts. It’s also another way of checking in with yourself.

12. Do some Yoga – you can find many tutorials online 

I find Yoga to be a peaceful practice. Although I don’t practice it regularly, when I am in the mood for it I look for tutorials. I also took Yoga classes when I was doing my undergraduate degree, so I remember Sun Salutations. Again, similar to meditation. It makes you consciously aware of your breath and posture.

13. Have a crying session if needed – crying is good for the soul! 

I never used to cry.

Ok, I did but it was rare, I use to bottle up my feelings. I still have moments where I hold things in, however with the help of my therapist and my Master’s course I’m able to continuously express how I feel.

Crying is good for the soul.

14. Head to the gym or do a home workout 

I love fitness. I haven’t been to the gym in a while, so I try to incorporate home workouts into my daily routine. Breaking a sweat is good for the heart and the mind.

15. Switch off the internet for a full day 

Detoxing from the internet world is so important in today’s modern world. The news is at our fingertips constantly. All that bad news can be disheartening. So disconnect, even if it’s for a little while and spend time with yourself.

16. Make a cuppa and sip it in quiet stillness 

Much explanation needed?

17. Journal how you feel 

I enjoy journalling, I have many journals. I think I have about 6 journals full of experiences, feelings, and emotions. It’s useful for reflection and figuring out how to move forward in life.

18. Reorganize your workspace, getting rid of clutter. Research shows that this helps to declutter your mind too.

Apparently, the owners of messy rooms are fantastically creative.

However, research does show that getting rid of clutter helps to declutter your mind too. I have found this to be true. When my room is a complete mess, I can’t focus at all and I feel horrible. As soon as I clear up a little bit, I find that I have space to think.

19. Read a good story book 

Reading is good for the mind. Grab a storybook and get completely lost with the characters. Tea with the Mad Hatter anyone?

20. If you’re spiritual or religious, spend some time praying

I recently picked up the Bible and began reading it again. I also try to give thanks to God every day. Prayer is power, well for me it is.

21. Have a bubble bath 

Grab yourself a bath bomb, a glass of wine and play some jazz music in the background. All you have to do is relax.

22. Mindful Eating 

Us humans are always in a rush. When’s the last time you sat down to eat and actually appreciated the food you were served? The next time you have a meal, take your time.







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