Having a Bad Day or Week? Here’s 12 calming things you can do

We’ve all had bad days where we’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed. You may be familiar with your alarm not going off, the coffee machine breaking down, or simply losing your keys in your house… These things can be a pain in the buttocks, and so keeping a positive stance can be an absolutely difficult.

Although you may not be able to restart day, there are a few calming things you can do to change your day around. So to help you boost your mood, I’ve put together a list of things you can do when you’re having a bad day or week.

Check out these 12 calming things you can do:

Practice Deep Breathing

Diaphragmatic breathing is a breathing technique that can help you increase your exercise capacity, increase oxygenated blood in body and create a ‘relaxation response’. This type of breathing helps you to reduce stress, anger, anxiety and inflammation.

Research has actually found that people who practice diaphragmatic breathing have lower biomarkers for stress, increased psychological and physical resilience, as well as better cognitive function.

There are many other breathing techniques such as 4-7-8 and pranayama breathing, which can certainly reduce anxiety and stress when you’re having a crappy day.

Step into Nature

I found that for me, taking a walk in the park can improve my mood and reduce my stress levels. Having a breath of fresh air can make a huge difference emotionally and physically.

Write down how you feel

I write in my journal daily, and I find it to be great practice because it’s a healthy way to vent and process. It gives me the opportunity to reflect on my day or week, and see if I could have viewed something from a different perspective.

Grab a colouring book

Colouring isn’t just for kids; colouring can be therapeutic for adults, just like it is for children.  

Look back at your gratitude list or create one

I frequently wrote in my gratitude journal, and then fell off somewhere along the way. These days I don’t actively practice gratitude as much, but every now and again, write something in there or read back on the things I’m grateful for.

Do some baking

Baking is therapeutic!

If you have a sweet tooth, then try baking a cake, and then pair it with a cup of tea and pop your feet up.

Have a shower

Even if you’ve already had a shower in the morning, stepping into the shower after a bad day can be another way to release your stresses. Nothing beats a hot shower.

Look back at old pictures

Why not take a trip down memory lane? Sometimes looking back at old pictures can help you appreciate what you have in the ‘now’ and help you reflect on how far you’ve come in terms of life.

Listen to some music

Music is definitely one of my go-to remedies if I’m having a bad day, I listen to anything from hip hop to classical and let my brain drift off into wonderland.

Retail shopping or window shopping

Whether you’ve got the cash or not, how about some retail therapy or window shopping, surprisingly just trying on clothes can elevate your mood.

Watch a funny movie

They say laughter is the best medicine,

Grab your popcorn, fire up your laptop, and pick a hilarious film to watch on Netflix.

Consider Yoga or Meditation

The benefits of Yoga are incredible, it can help you relax and help you get limber. There are many styles and practices of Yoga so it’s important to find a practice that works for you.

Here are few to help you get started:

  • Ashtanga Yoga: Helps you strengthen your body through a series of repeated vinyasas – chatarunga (a yogi push up).
  • Hatha Yoga: This type of practice focuses on balancing your entire body’s connection as well as deepening the mind-body connection and stretching tight muscles via deep breathing, poses, and meditation.
  • Restorative Yoga: ‘Rejuvenation and nourishment’ is what this practice will bring you. This practice can be helpful if you’re suffering from an injury, an illness or dealing with an emotional issue.

What are your coping mechanisms when you’re having a bad day or week? Let me know in the comments down below.

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