Is body language the ultimate key to success?


Is body language the ultimate key to success?

In day to day activities, your body language is active at all times. We can be unaware of our body language at times, the messages we send to others. So, in order to make improvements to your body language, you need to stay conscious.

Let’s take ‘Angela’ for example, she says she trusts Juan Marcos, but her body language shows otherwise. She keeps her arms folded and she avoids eye contact – thus very contradicting. 


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When meeting someone for the first time, try to make eye contact, crack a smile and give a firm handshake. Your posture also speaks volumes when you have an encounter with someone for the first time. If you slouch then you may come across as a non-confident person, on the other hand, if you stand up still it boosts your confidence and puts you in a good mood.

If you tend to fidget a lot, then perhaps find a way to get it under control; whilst fidgeting is normal, it can be problematic in some cases like in a job interview.

We tend to focus on how our verbal communication can be improved but what about our non-verbal communication? It’s good to develop an understanding of body language in general and your own body language signals.

A starting point to improving your body language is upon waking up from your nights’ sleep, spend ten minutes in the mirror – every day. Spend ten minutes in the mirror analysing your posture, your smile and how you make eye contact. Implementing this habit will take you a long way, it’ll make you aware of your own flaws.

According to Amy Cuddy‘s TED TALK presentation on power, poses have the ability to improve how others see you and your body chemistry. Your body chemistry can affect how you do your job and the way you interact with others.

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