The spaces we work in is crucial to our productivity: Graham & Brown


Designing Creative Spaces: Graham & Brown’s Pop up Hemingway Talk

The design of the spaces we work in is crucial to our emotional well-being and our productivity.

I’m a lover of creative spaces, and I’ve always admired the creativity that goes into designing a creative space. I feel that the type of space that you work in can affect your creativity and productivity, as well as your emotional well-being.

As a master’s student and a writer, having a space to get my creative juices flowing is incredibly important to me, so you’ll often find me on Pinterest searching for inspirational office decor.

On the 19th of September, I was invited to Graham & Brown’s series of inspirational talks filled with creativity, and an Off-the-wall pop-up dinner, however, I was only able to make it Hemingway’s Talk at the House of Wallpaper. One of my blogger friends/ Birthday twins, Tanya Howard (, went to the Off-the-wall-plate pop-up restaurant, check it out here:

Graham & Brown have been designing wallpaper since 1946 and I got to head to their showcase which was held in a beautifully designed house and listened to a creative talk from the Founders of Hemingway design. After the talk, I took walk around the property and found pieces of architecture that would look great in my creative space, and samples of wallpapers, and the history of Hemingway design.  

Here a few photos I took below:



I’d love to hang this up in my living space. 


A few goodies I received from the talk.


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