Feeling Behind in Life? 2 Powerful questions to ask yourself


Have you been feeling behind in life?

I know I certainly have. Since birth, I always had this nagging feeling like I’m behind in life. Whether it was in my academic studies, or reaching certain milestones in my life, I just felt behind. I always found myself trying to catch up to others, one way or another. Comparing myself to others was and is still something I do till this day, but I’m slowly moving beyond “feeling behind”.

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Most of us have the tendency to moan when something goes pear-shaped. Don’t get me wrong, it is important to express yourself when something goes wrong in your life. After you expressed yourself to a trusted source, you then need to find a way to move forward. I’ve had my fair share of moaning and finding ways to move forward. I still haven’t moments of intense moaning, and every time I feel down, I bring my mind to my vision board or pray.

Recently a relationship of mine ended and I was devastated, that it affected my mental health. I cried and moaned, and in addition, other stressful things were going on in my life. Instead, after months of therapy and journaling I put the focus on me. I realised that although I missed speaking to this person, I needed to focus on me. I found that I had more time to focus on my Master’s degree in psychotherapy, and other projects I had going on.

We all have our own path in life, and we as humans need to focus on that. It’s all about timing. Where I’m at is where I need to be right now. It’s tough, but I’m taking it day by day. It’s great to think about the future for a bit, and then bring yourself back to the present; enjoy that moment.

So if you’ve been feeling behind in life like myself, it’s time to ask yourself some questions and reflect.

What the hell do YOU want? 

When we compare our paths to other people’s path we get lost in the sauce. We lose sight of want we really want and really like. There are moments where someone’s path may seem ideal, but think is that what you really want? Millie may be settled down with her long-term partner, a baby on the way with a mortgage  – but think about whether this is something you would want.

I often tend to get lost in the sauce, comparing my path to others, and in my moments of loneliness, a long-term partner with a mortgage seems ideal. However, I am young, and I need to not rush things and take my time. By taking time, and being patient, you make better decisions. As much as I would like these things mentioned above, I know that it’ll come in due time.

At this moment in time, I’m interested in self-growth, my master’s degree, and travelling – I am on the look out a for love of course, (who isn’t!).

“A vital part of moving beyond “feeling behind” is knowing you’re on your own path—and embracing it.” –   The Everygirl.com 

Am I really behind? 

On the other hand, be honest with yourself – are you really behind?

Underlying fears or insecurities or foolish behaviours can prevent us from committing to a career, save for the future or settle down. There isn’t a right way to adult, but at some point, you have to face these (example) challenges. By constantly re-evaluating yourself and where you are in life will help to move forward in life.

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