Valuing your time: How much is your time worth?


Do you value your time? If so, how much is your time worth?

Some of us either have poor time management, take on too much work or say yes to projects and tasks that do not align with your aspirations and goals. How we spend our time plays a huge role in our sense of fulfillment. Time is such a precious commodity, yet we let others take it freely. Well, I know I’ve let people take my time freely.

If you’re unsure about whether you let others take or waste your time, ask yourself these questions.


  • Do you say yes to every request and favour?
  • Do you let others schedule meetings on your calendar as they please?
  • Do you lets others’ priorities trump your own?

It’s important to set expectations about your time, otherwise, people will continue to believe that they can take it anytime they want.

The reason I began writing on this topic is that I recently went to an event that was great but unnecessary, despite it being something ‘different’. I all kept thinking was ‘why did I say yes’? I even had the opportunity to say ‘Sorry I’m unable to make it today’. But I went anyway, and whilst it was a good event, there was a ‘talk’ that I felt could’ve been way shorter.   

I use to say yes to every single request and favour, and would, therefore, put my needs last, which would then lead to resentment and anger because I didn’t have the time to do my own work. I use to be unable to say the word ‘no’, and as a result, I would feel super guilty when I did attempt to say the word ‘no’. But then I realised that by taking on every single project that was offered to me, I was 1) not allowing myself to focus on my own goals and aspirations and 2) by saying yes all the time, I was burning out and producing work that was not of high standard.


We often tell people our time isn’t valuable by doing things like:

Saying yes to every single project, task, or event that drops in our lap

Saying ‘no’ is an important skill that will help you get your goals accomplished. You’ll never get your own priorities done if you say yes to every request that comes your way.

Dropping whatever you are doing at the moment

When you’re trying to get work done it’s important that you don’t let people, emails, phones, and more keep you from concentrating. I know it’s easy said than done, but a cool trick is to place your phone out of reach so that way you don’t get distracted.

Always being reachable

If you’re not in deep flow when creating awesome work, then being reachable when you’re not busy is cool.

However, when you’re cracking on with your day, don’t immediately answer your phone or email, otherwise, people will start to expect it. There is no reason to ALWAYS be reachable, that’s too much.

Not sticking to time limits

I won’t lie, I get annoyed when I’m in a meeting and it runs over because then fills my day, which restricts what I can do later. It’s important to end meetings and appointments on time so that you can go on with your day.

Not minding when people are late

I don’t like being late, and so I try not to be. I always try to make sure I’m on time because when I’m not I get super anxious and upset. Being consistently late is not a good look, yet some people are just oblivious and will think that it’s acceptable to arrive 15 plus minutes late. If you allow it, it’ll become the norm. Hold yourself and others to being on-time.


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