Why self Love & Acceptance is ridiculously hard


Self-acceptance and self-love for some people can be ridiculously hard, I know it certainly is for me. As a quiet and (sometimes) shy person I’ve found it difficult to accept my personality. I’m often hard on myself for not speaking up enough, contributing enough, or expressing my thoughts freely, on the contrary, I enjoy witnessing other people speak and interact.

Self-love can be equally as hard, loving myself has been a wild journey, I still feel as if I haven’t gotten it yet. There are still mental boundaries that I haven’t yet overcome, and the journey to self-love and acceptance can be somewhat difficult and tiresome. However, I do know that on the flip side, this journey is one that is crucial to healthy relationships with others and with yourself.

Self-love is a powerful tool in our lives, yet many of us struggle to love ourselves. There’s much more to self-love than the standard pamper day, self-love is choosing ourselves, giving our bodies time to rest, and building a life that we love instead of waiting for someone to make us happy.

Another reason why self-acceptance and self-love can be hard can be down to early experiences such as neglect, trauma, and abandonment, which can cause people to feel as if they are unworthy of love. Therapy is a place where one can feel loved and accepted if they’re struggling with self-acceptance and self-love. With a therapist, you can explore barriers that may be preventing you from loving and accepting yourself in a safe environment.

Self-love and self-acceptance are essential for our well-being, it is difficult to feel content without loving and accepting ourselves first. Self-love can bring about numerous benefits, such as increased happiness and greater life satisfaction, according to research.

The journey to self-love and self-acceptance can be a tough one, so try to be kind to yourself during the process.



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